Meraki Baking Studio is where all the sweet magic happens.

         My goal is to offer incredible homemade fine desserts, creating them from scratch.


    Baking from my home kitchen, each pastry is 100% handmade with passion and love, designed to bring you on a journey of flavourfull emotions.             


The idea behind Meraki Baking Studio is to create unique desserts, working with genuine flavours and professional pastry techniques, adding my own twist to the classics. 

      Each dessert has a story on its own and it's been developed and tasted by myself. 

    Surround yourself with your family and friends, celebrate and create memories together.

        Share a bite of my pastries and share the joy. 
I want my pastries to make you feel happy, loved and warm.



My story 

Pastry always meant everything to me.

It's the world where I escape to feel free and be myself.

I can show my character and personality through my pastries and this is what I most love about it. There are no rules to follow, you create your owns.

I graduated at the best culinary schools in Italy as Alma and Castalimenti, where I attended professional pastry courses.

The following years I worked in pastry shops all over Italy while I was attending other pastry masterclasses such as: chocolate, seasonal pastry, gluten free pastry. 

In 2016 I moved to London where I kept working as a pastry chef in the hospitality industry. During summer of 2019 I finally decided to give a turn to my life and open my visionary pastry business.

Nicoletta Loiacono, Owner