Italian Cannoli

Italian Cannoli

Sicilian cannoli don't really need a description.

They are crunchy, creamy and indulgent pastries.

I offer, beside the traditional ricotta cannolo, 2 different gourmet flavours: Dulce De Leche and Pistachio Praline.


The Dulce de leche cream was created by the fusion of the classic Italian Sicilian Cannolo and the famous Brazilian Churro.

Now, imagine an extra cruncy Cannolo dough, rolled in cinnamon sugar and filled up with a dreamy indulgent homemade Dulce de leche cream filling. 

Did I convince you yet?


The Pistachio cream is just UNBELIEVABLE! 

The pistachio praline is homemade, which means that I buy the nuts, I roast them and I cover them with caramel, then I make a paste and I use it to flavour the cream filling!

  • Allergens

    Gluten, Dairy,Eggs


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